The following is a small sample of the many articles Dr. Darder has authored over the past few years.

Darder Articles Teaching as an Act of Love: Reflections on Paulo Freire and His Contributions to Our Lives and Our Work
By Antonia Darder

Response to Syria a Duplicitous Affair
By Antonia Darder and Peter Mayo - Truthout

Disparity in Schools Is Just One Symptom
By Antonia Darder - NY Times

Institutional Research as a Tool for Cultural Democracy
By Antonia Darder

Latinos and Society: Culture, Politics, and Class
By Antonia Darder and Rodolfo D. Torres

Radicalizing the Immigrant Debate in the United States: A Call for Open Borders and Global Human Rights
By Antonia Darder

Radio and the Art of Resistance: A Public Pedegogy of the Airwaves
By Antonia Darder

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