Dr. Antonia Darder is an internationally recognized scholar, artist, poet, activist, and public intellectual.

She holds the Leavey Presidential Endowed Chair in Ethics and Moral Leadership in the School of Education at Loyola Marymount University and is also Professor Emerita of Educational Policy, Organization, and Leadership at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dr. Darder provides support for students, faculty, and community organizations through:

  • Antonia Darder
  • Antonia Darder
  • Antonia Darder
  • Antonia Darder
  • Antonia Darder
  • Antonia Darder
  • Antonia Darder
  • "Facing our fears and contending with our suffering are inevitable and necessary in our quest to make a new world." Reinventing Paulo Freire (Darder, 2002)
  • "Through our collective political commitment, critical consciousness, and the power of love, we, together, can make a just world possible." In Search of Peace in a Culture of War
    (Darder, 2012)
  • "The perception of students as integral human beings is paramount to both questions of ethics and the development of critical consciousness.” Teaching in the Flesh (Darder, 2008)
  • "Transformation of schools can only take place when teachers, working in solidarity, take ownership and struggle to radically change the political and economic structures of power that defile our revolutionary dreams." Teaching as an Act of Love (Darder, 2000)
  • "Economic inequality and social injustice dehumanize us, distorting our capacity to love ourselves, each other, and the world." Teaching as an Act of Love (Darder, 2000)
  • "The Liberacion! radio collective emerged from an acceptance that democracy is never guaranteed." Radio and the Art of Resistance (Darder, 2011)
  • "Great moral courage is required to voice our dissent against educational policies and practice that betray students from oppressed communities, rendering them disposable and expendable.” A Dissident Voice (Darder, 2011)
  • Grads at LMU
  • Antonia Darder SDSU Grads 2015
  • Antonia Darder with CADRE
  • Antonia Darder with AESA
  • Antonia Darder at School of Education
  • Antonia Darder at the Schott Foundation
  • Antonia Darder
  • Antonia Darder at ENLACE
  • Antonia Darder in Malta
  • Antonia Darder LMU Grads 2015

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